Ruaille-Buaille, pronounced "Rula-Bula", means bustle in Irish and is the root for the English expression ‘hurley-burley’. The name reflects the fun atmosphere and the great feeling between the audience and the band at every gig. Ruaille-Buaille. Based in Barakaldo (Bizkaia), the group was founded in 2005. The band won the first prize (Runa Awards 2013) of the 29th Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta de Ortigueira edition and has three studio albums: "Pronounced rula-bula" (2009), "Blue Jig" (2011), "Bon Temps, Ruaille?" (2014).

Ruaille-Buaille has performed in the four corners of the Iberian Peninsula, in prestigious events, amongst others the FESTIVAL DEL MUNDO CELTA DE ORTIGUEIRA and the FESTIVAL DE PARDIÑAS (Galicia), the FOLKLORE-AZOKA in Portugalete and the GETXO INTERNATIONAL FOLK Festival (Bizkaia), the VIERNES DE LA TRADICIÓN in San Sebastián de los Reyes and the ARANJUEZ FOLK (Madrid), FOLIXA de PRIMAVERA in Mieres (Asturias), LIENCRES y OREJO festivals (Cantabria), FESTISIERRA in Fregenal de la Sierra (Badajoz) the 10y1 NOCHES del Aula-Museo Paco Díez (Mucientes-Valladolid), BRAGANÇA Theatre (Portugal), MÓSTOLES Theatre (Madrid), BARAKALDO Theatre (Bizkaia) and many more.

There is an intimate camaraderie among the six friends who make up the band who come from a variety of different musical backgrounds: Galician traditional music, Basque traditional music, blues, folk-rock, country or classical.



(Low & tin whistles, flute, harmónica, alboka, boha & tarota) 

He has been part of the folk groups Izeki, Oskorri and Sugán, and been involved in various other one-off projects. He began his musical career in the milieu of Basque Folklore providing music for local dance groups, playing traditional Basque instruments (txistu, txirula, alboka, txalaparta, dulzaina). Recordings: Izeki: "…Geldiro Datorkit Ur Berria" (1986), Oskorri: "Hi Ere Dantzari" (1991) & "Badok Hamahiru" (1992), Amaia Uranga: "Lilura Urdinak" (1992), Koldo Ameztoi & Bixente Martinez: "Behin Bazen" (1992), Sugán: "Sugan" (1996), Xolda: "Xolda" (1994), Arrotzak: "Strangers in Transito" (1997), Eskorbuto: "Dekadencia" (1998). Hala Dzipo Elkartea: "Hodei Baten Bidaia" (2013) Ruaille-Buaille: “Pronounced rula-bula” (2009), “Blue Jig” (2011) & “Bon Temps, Ruaille?” (2014).


(Vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki)  


Based in Greater Bilbao for the past twenty years, Duncan was a member of the R&B group Wayne Williams and the Blue Fibers and the folk group Súgán. In the UK he played solo and with local groups in Manchester and has travelled around Europe and South America busking. Recordings: The Blue Fibers: "The Blue Fibers" (1987), Sugán: "Sugán" (1996), Ruaille-Buaille: “Pronounced rula-bula” (2009), “Blue Jig” (2011) & “Bon Temps, Ruaille?” (2014).


(Electric Bass, Vocals)

He has been part of the folk groups Jirabiraka, Erre K Erre and Salbuespunk, and he has been involved in Hala Dzipo, a cultural association dedicated to the teaching and promotion of Basque folklore and culture. Recordings: Salbuespunk: "Keinuak" (2007), Jirabiraka: "Buelta Bat Emanda" (2009), Ruaille-Buaille: “Blue Jig” (2011) ) & “Bon Temps, Ruaille?” (2014).


(Galician pipes, uilleann pipes, low & tin whistles)

He has been a member of different groups: Xolda, Súgàn, Sons do Muíño and Feile. He has collaborated in concert with artists like Kepa Junkera, and Dronadar, and recorded with Oskorri, Eskorbuto, Elurretan, Hala-Dzipo... Galician Pipe teacher since 1987. Three times finalist in the Constantino Bellón Galician Pipe competition in Ferrol (1995, 97 and 99), and author of “O Pentafol”, a compilation of tunes for the Galician Pipe (Inquedanzas Editoriais, 2007). Recordings: Xolda: "Escolma" (1993), "Xolda" (1994), Sugán: "Sugán" (1996), Sons do Muíño: "No Chao do Souto" (1997), Synergy: "Celtronic Project" (2001), Feile: "Feile" (2004), Oskorri: "Landalan" (1995), "25 Kantu Urte" (1996), Eskorbuto: "Dekadencia" (1998), Various Artists: "Euskadi Galiziarekin" (2003), Salbuespunk: "Keinuak" (2007), Ceo do Sil: "Hai que dar Cera" (2011) Hala Dzipo Elkartea: "Hodei Baten Bidaia" (2013), Kepa Junkera: "Galiza" (2013), Ruaille-Buaille: “Pronounced rula-bula” (2009), “Blue Jig” (2011) & “Bon Temps, Ruaille?” (2014).



At the age of 14 Jon started studying Drums at the Mr Jam School of Modern Music; firstly with Victor Celada, and later with Blas Fernandez. He has been part of a variety of groups since then, playing rock, blues, pop, funk… Percussionist in the Leioa Municipal Band for the past 5 years, he is currently combining different musical projects with studies in jazz with Miguel Salvador and Blas Fernandez. Recordings: Efecto Doppler: “Primer acto” (2003) & “Hotel Continental” (2011), Decima Avenida: “Llegaré esta tarde” (2008), Ruaille-Buaille: “Blue Jig” (2011) & “Bon Temps, Ruaille?” (2014).



Mario started to play the violin at the age of seven and achieved his degree in Music at Musikene, in the Basque Country. Formed as a classical violinist and having performed in many important concert halls, both in at home and abroad (China, Belgium, France, Ireland), he also had time to experience different traditional fiddling styles related to Irish and Scottish music, amongst others. He has collaborated with the Basque Country Young Orchestra (EGO), the Basque Country Symphonic Orchestra (OSE) and the World Orchestra (TWO). Today, he combines his fiddle teaching with different artistic projects. Recordings: Ruaille-Buaille: “Bon Temps, Ruaille?” (2014).