The Ruaille-Buaille sound is consolidated: built from a solid Celtic background ground, several styles and influences come through the new songs and arrangements. New fiddle player Mario Martín joined the band as well as other collaborations by renowned artists: Alain Sancho, Argibel Euba, Asier Ercilla, David Nanclares, Eider Zenarruzabeitia, Endika Abella "Lahaine", Gotzon Hermosilla, Ibai Cabrero Aransay "Kapapuka", Javier Ortiz de Zárate "Beto", Kike Pérez, Michel Gardie and Rubén Isasi.

A play on words based on the title of the zydeco song, “Bon Ton Roula”, which in turn inspired the classic R’n’B tune, “Let the Good Times Roll”. The term comes from the French saying: “Laissez les bons temps rouler” which we could paraphrase as “keep on partying”. These days most of us don’t seem to be living through very good times. Playing on the sound of the name of the group we have added a question mark to the popular phrase.

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BLUE JIG (2011)

Once a sextet, with bass and drums providing a very strong backline, the band was open to new compositions, and new influences going beyond Celtic sounds. Featuring excellent artists such as Kepa Junkera, David Nanclares, Rubén Isasi, Xabier Valle, Endika "Lahaine"... this album got remarkable reviews and was even selected in the FROOTS magazine review section.

Blue Jig… Blues and jigs. Mixture and fusion, the union of different styles to produce something new, leading to future creativity. Tradition and evolution, without letting the one hold back the other. Moving forward, crossing frontiers and exploring new ways.

Blue Jig… Melancholy dances, sad because we have lost close friends. Friends like Fergus Ryan, whose voice we can still hear singing “The Rocks of Bawn”, bonus track on this album, in memory of his friendship and of all those sessions and concerts which we shared. In spite of our sadness we dance. As the song ‘Unquiet Grave says, ‘Make yourself content…’. Joie de vivre and hurly-burly or hullabaloo: Ruaille-Buaille.

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The acoustic quintet of the first formation reveals an early style, very much influenced by the Irish sessions and it can be considered as a true representation of where the musicians come from.


01.- Trippin' Up The Stairs 02.- The Basque Cod Fishermen 03.- Sean Ryan's Polkas 04.- Peggy Gordon 05.- Tom Betty's Waltz / The Ballad Of Jock Stewart 06.- My Love's In Germany 07.- The Death Of Queen Jane 08.- The Lakes Of Pontchartrain 09.- She Sits On The Hill 10.- (Bonus Track) The Lark In The Morning

You can download for free this cd on a zip file containing all tracks and additional information.

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