Bon Temps, Ruaille?

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Balea Musika Ideiak, Bilbao (Basque Country) [May-June, 2014] Audio technician & musical production: Asier Ercilla Production: Ruaille-Buaille.


Aitor Gorostiza: High & Low Whistles, Harmonica. Alboka, Tarota
Alberte Sanmartín: Galician Bagpipes, Vpipes®, Low Whistle
Duncan Bennett: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Jon Hanni Iribar: drums
Luis M. Aveleira “Beltza”: Electric Bass
Mario Martín
: Fiddles


Alain Sancho: Saxophone (2), Argibel Euba: Pandero de Peñaparda, Pandero, Shekeres & Riq (4,10,11), Asier Ercilla: Trikitixa/Diatonic Accordion (9,12), Piano (6,9,12), Hammond Organ (2) & Programming (7), David Nanclares: Electric Guitars (1,2,3,7,8,9,11), Eider Zenarruzabeitia: Vocals (12), Endika Abella "Lahaine": Rap (7), Ibai Cabrero Aransay "Kapapuka": Photography, Gotzon Hermosilla: Sleeves Notes, Javi Ortiz de Zárate "Beto": Hurdy Gurdy (4,11), Kike Pérez: Fiddle (6,10), Michel Gardie: Vocals (5), Rubén Isasi: Scottish Drums (2,6,8), Trikitixa/Diatonic Accordion (5) & Flute (7).

Good times, Ruaille? Surely these are the good times? Yes you’re right, but for some people there have never been good times. Perhaps now they are more difficult, but they have never been easy.

From the moment we’re born, our fate is decided. And if the coin falls the wrong way there will be sorrow and tears, leaving of loved ones, the wolf and the fox denying us a fair day’s pay, the black birds waiting to feed on our suffering

But don’t worry, Ruaille. While the drum marks the beat, while the whistles and the bagpipes sing, we won’t let the bad times get us down. Let’s dance, Ruaille. Let the good times roll, because being alive and not giving in is enough reason in itself to celebrate. Laissez les bons temps rouler. Let the good times roll.

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01-Fair Day's Pay We were once the workers because we worked. They took away the employment, and we became the unemployed. Factories closed and museums, supermarkets and fast food joints, known as ‘services’, were opened.  And now rather than workers we are servants.

02-Chance of Birth Mississippi burning? Do we still see strange fruit in the trees, the black victims of lynching which Billie Holiday sang about? You tell me that those days are long gone. After all it’s not the Mississippi flowing past the working district of Sestao. But in the Cortes area of Bilbao the immigrants know that the fruit is still bitter.

03-Light a Light  Catherine, a girl killed by her own brothers to save the family honour. Now her soul roams the cliffs looking for her lover. They think their honour is untarnished, but the stain of their crime is more difficult to wash away.

04-Marcelle ‘I’ll follow you to the end of the world’, he tells his love. But when they make it to Fisterra, he returns alone.

05-J'ai Vu le Loup The wolf, the fox and the weasel dance, laughing out loud. We may ask to be let in on the joke. What we don’t realise is that they are laughing at us.

06-Fare Thee Well One of the saddest things about the life of a seaman is leaving a lover behind. And being obliged to make promises that may not be kept.

07-Four Thousand Angels The four thousand children fleeing from the war took ship in Santurtzi confident that they would be returning in three months. Forty years later the seagulls still cry the names of four thousand angels in the Nervion Estuary.

08-The Black Birds In war everyone loses. Not quite everyone; the ravens feed off the corpses of the fallen. And not all of them are of the black-feathered variety.

09-Mayday “There’s nothing more present than absence” (David Albahari).

10-Istanbul Two continents, three empires, four languages, a hundred religions. One world.

11-Ongi Bizi They always made every effort to live well. And while they were trying, they forgot to live.

12-Baloo my Boy Watch over a child’s dreams. Ensure that those dreams are achieved. Can there be a more beautiful song than a lullaby?

Thanks to all mentioned collaborators, Juan Carlos Pérez Luque "Txeroki", Unai González, Aitor Alzibar, Barakamedia, Hala Dzipo Euskal Musika Eskola, Libreria "Milo's", Restaurante "Ribeira Sacra", Discos "Long Play", Bar "A Nosa Terra", Ibarra Kaldu Elkartea, Pasku & Cervecera "San Bizente", Erromoko "Baste" Taberna, Ceo do Sil, Os Catro de Catar, Meriendatzen, Mike Murphy and, specially, to our patient partners and families. KISSES!!

Fergus and Colin: "Hope you are singing together somewhere"